About us


From a pro for pros!

The company GYNEX s.r.o. has been a major manufacturer of construction and industrial chemicals in Slovakia for more than 20 years. Our range includes products such as adhesives, sealants, polyurethane foams, technical aerosols, paint and varnish etc.

With our own development team, our own filling and packing line and reliable logistics, we supply products to the European market under the brand Cyklon. In addition to our own products, products that we fill for private brands according to the requirements also come off our filling lines.  

We are one of the few European companies to utilize a new innovative solution for the import and storage of silicon in stainless steel PISTONTANK tanks with a capacity of 25 m3. We have significantly increased the quality of the products with a significant impact on the speed and flexibility of our supplies for the domestic and foreign market.

When developing products, we uphold the strictest EU environmental regulations. The implementation of the PISTON TANK markedly contributed to reducing waste and increasing environmental protection.

The maximum use of the production and warehouse area of over 3.000 m2 and accurate logistics guarantee the shortest possible delivery times in Europe. We deliver products of the brands K, C as well as more than 80 private brands to several countries in Europe and Asia, apart from Slovakia.

Currently, our team consists of 26 permanent staff members.